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Maxivision Family Eye Care

Your Eyes Let You To See The World

No matter how old or young your are, your eyes help you to see everything and enjoy life to the fullest.

Trust your eye care needs to Maxivision Eye Care in Naperville, Illinois and begin to see the world in a whole new light. 

At Maxivision Eye Care, we strive to be a leader in providing our community with vision care products and optometry services.

Our goal is to help you achieve clear vision and maintain it for life. When you need an optometrist you can trust, we want you to choose us.

Maxivision Eye Care wants to be the center you trust for up-to-date vision care technology in Naperville.

Quality eye exams help you to do everything that you need and want to in life even better. Find out how much clearer you can see!

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Myopia Management

We do Myopia Management at Maxivision Eye Care! 

If you have nearsightedness and/or your spouse has nearsightedness then your children have a higher probability to also have Myopia. Not only Myopia is inherited but also the environment they grow up in affects its severity.

Why is that important? It is important because we can do something about it. We are excited to offer new specialty contact lenses like Misight one day to control the progression of Myopia.

Other methods like orthokeratology are also highly effective in controlling the progression of Myopia.

Please contact Maxivison for details.

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