Dr. Prasod Ramachandran, O.D.

Dr. Prasod provides a very thorough and unhurried eye exam followed by a full explanation.

A graduate of Illinois College of Optometry in Chicago, Dr. Prasod is a skilled professional experienced in prescribing glasses, and the fitting of contact lenses including bifocal, toric and monovision lenses. Fitting Rigid Gas Permeable contact lenses successfully for patients with Keratoconus has become his specialty.

He is also qualified in treatment and management of eye diseases including the prescribing of eye drops and removing foreign bodies from the cornea or conjunctiva. He is known among his patients for his friendly demeanor and patience especially with children and seniors.

Dr. Prasod also holds two patents registered with the United States Patents and Trade Marks Office. These patents are for special devices to accurately fit invisible bifocals.

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