Child Myopia

Maxivision Eye Care in Naperville provides vision care and treatment for children that suffer from Myopia.

Child Myopia is vision condition that many suffer from that prevents children from being able to see properly from an early age that can lead to long term affects.  Myopia is a common eye health condition which causes blurred distance vision (short-sightedness).  No level of myopia is safe and regular eye tests are critical to its management.

Maxivision Eye Care in Naperville helps children with myopia to see better by providing specifically designed contact lenses that are daily disposable and are FDA approved.  Maxivision Eye Care utilizes the MiSight® 1 Day soft contact lenses for children as they are specifically designed for ease of use and providing the needed vision correction.

Manage Myopia For Kids?

Myopia occurs when eyeballs grow longer, so MiSight® contact lenses help prevent this axial elongation and slower the progression of the condition. Studies have proven that MiSight® contact lenses can prevent myopia progression by 59%, making them more effective than eyeglasses.

Early Intervention

Generally, myopia begins during childhood and progresses rapidly as kids grow. MiSight® lenses help parents and eye care professionals intervene early in myopia progression, potentially reducing children’s final degree of nearsightedness. These can have long-term benefits for the child’s eye health and reduce the risk of associated complications, such as retinal detachment or glaucoma.

Additionally, the additional space created between the back surface of the lens and tthe cornea can act as a reservoir for fluid and improve issues for patients with severe dry eyes that previously have had difficulty wearing contact lenses.

Easy To Use

Myopic children can struggle to deal with glasses, especially in sports or outdoor play. MiSight® contact lenses are an excellent alternative, allowing them to have clear vision without needing glasses. The daily disposable nature of these lenses also eliminates the need for strict lens care routines, making them easier to incorporate into a child’s everyday life.

Daily Disposable

Yes, MiSight® lenses are single-use contact lenses, i.e., worn for a single day and discarded. This offers convenience and reduces the risk of eye infections that can be associated with extended use of contact lenses. It also ensures that the lenses are always fresh and clean, minimizing the buildup of deposits on the lens surface.

Dual-Focus Design

MiSight® 1 Day contact lenses have a unique dual-focus design. The central portion of the lens corrects the child’s distance vision, while the peripheral part of the lens creates myopic defocus that slows down the progression of myopia in kids.

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